During 2005 and 2006, many of you met with, corresponded with, assisted   and encouraged Larry Williams in the development of this book. Many brains were picked, photo albums searched, calls made, and countless hours spent by Larry and his group of assistants and supporters. The list of names is too long to list here, but rest assured, Larry made certain that all who contributed anything at all were recognized in the book.

          Since there was no way of judging the desire to own such a piece of our history, Larry had only a limited number of copies printed. The cost for that book was $35, which by the way, did not cover the entire production cost. Now that many have realized the nostalgic value of this book, a follow-on effort has made this collection of memories available for viewing in a Personal Computer.
          Each page has been scanned and captured for a realistic copy of the original book. Each page (minus blank pages) will be shown at 88% of the original size. This larger size was chosen due to some of the typed pages, and pages copied from newspaper, are difficult to read at a smaller size. If you prefer a smaller size, please select View on the browser toolbar, then select the zoom % which provides an appropriate viewing size.

          Although going through this material page by page might be the way to go through the book, a more direct navigation is incorporated and might be useful. Simply go to the next page from here, then select "Index Page".  This page has links to each chapter - simply click on the chapter number. In the chapters that contain a lot of pages, there will be an index option. Click on that option and choose your path from there.

        Larry had told me that the Lebanon Public Library Heritage Section was his special place during the time he worked on this book, so if you are impressed with the effort and result, please consider a donation to the Library, specifying the Heritage Section as the recipient. Also, put LHS Class of 1956 on the check somewhere.

          Please contact me at donowens38@gmail.com with comments, suggestions, or issues with this electronic version.

Don Owens

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