Central Indiana Poultry Show

Boone County 4-H Fairgrounds
Lebanon, IN 46052
(I-65 at exit 138)

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Show Photos 2009

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Champion Waterfowl &
Champion Duck, Gray Call
Ralph Richardson, Kentucky

Reserve Champion Mediterranean,
Black Minorca
Dianne Weer, Illinois

Reserve AOSB, Black Ameraucana
John & Anne Foley, Indiana

Champion English, Black Australorp
Dan Klemme, Indiana

Reserve Champion Goose,
Gray Toulouse
Tom Dillon, Indiana

Reserve Light Duck, Black Runner
Roland Doerr, Minnesota

Reserve English, Black Australorp
Dan Klemme, Indiana

Reserve Continental,
Salmon Faverolle
Glenn Moore, Indiana

Reserve Medium Duck, Cayuga
Harry & Kathy Kolacz, Indiana


Show Champion,
White Plymouth Rock
Halbach Poultry, Wisconsin

Champion American & Reserve American, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Don Monke, Ohio

Reserve Asiatic, Buff Cochin
Roland Doerr, Minnesota
Champion Heavy Duck &
Reserve Waterfowl, Rouen
Jean Doerflein, Indiana
Reserve RCCL, White Wyandotte
Jeff Halbach, Wisconsin
Reserve Bantam Duck, Pastel Call
Tunnel Hill Farm.
Shelburne, Kentucky

Photo Pages: 1 | 2




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